Foamed concrete is widely used in energy-saving wall materials because of its good characteristics, and has also been applied in other aspects. The application of foam concrete in China is mainly the roofing foam concrete insulation layer cast-in-place, foam concrete surface block, foam concrete light wall board and foam concrete compensation foundation. However, by making full use of the good characteristics of foam concrete, it can be expanded in the application field of construction engineering, speed up the progress of the project and improve the quality of the project, as follows:

1. Used as a retaining wall. Mainly used as a rock wall for the port. The use of foam concrete as a lightweight backfill material behind the shore wall reduces vertical load and reduces lateral loads on the shore wall. This is because foam concrete is a rigid body with good bonding properties. It does not apply lateral pressure along the peripheral wall, the settlement is reduced, and the maintenance cost is reduced, thereby saving a lot of expenses. Foamed concrete can also be used to improve the stability of the embankment slope, and replace it with part of the soil of the slope. This reduces the force that affects the stability of the slope due to the reduced mass.

2. Construction of sports fields and athletic tracks. The permeable malleable foam concrete with high drainage capacity is used as a lightweight foundation covered with gravel or artificial turf for use as a sports field. The density of foam concrete is 800-900kg/m3. Such sports fields can be used for hockey, football and tennis. Or a foamed concrete layer with a 0.05m thick porous asphalt layer and plastic layer can be used for track and field runways. Kunshan concrete

3. As a sandwich member. Foamed concrete can be used as the inner core in the prefabricated reinforced concrete members, which makes it have good performance of light and high heat insulation. Foamed concrete with a density of 400 - 600 kg/m3 is usually used.

4. Pipeline backfill. Underground oil tanks, pipelines (with crude oil, chemicals), sewage pipes and other holes can easily lead to fires or landslides. Backfilling with foam concrete can solve these problems and cost less. The density of foam concrete depends on the diameter of the pipe and the water table, which is generally 600-1100kg/m3.

5. Lean concrete fill. Due to the use of flexible hoses, foam concrete has great workability and adaptability, so it is often used in lean concrete filling. If the insulation requirements are not very high, a lean concrete filling with a density of about 1200kg/m3 is used, and the average thickness is 0.05m. If the insulation is very high, a low-cost concrete filling with a density of 500kg/m3 is used. The average thickness is 0.1-0.2m.

6. Roof slope. Foam concrete is used for roof slopes, which has the advantages of light weight, fast construction speed and low price. Luoyang concrete slope is generally 10mm / m. Thickness is 0.03-0.2m, using foam concrete with a density of 800 - 1200kg / m3.

7. Support for the bottom of the tank. The foam concrete is cast on the bottom of the foot of the steel storage tank (with crude oil, chemicals), and if necessary, a convex foundation can be formed, which ensures that the support of the entire bottom of the tank is in an optimal stress state during welding. A continuous support allows the tank to be used as a thin bottom. At the same time, the convex foundation is also easy to clean. Foamed concrete is used in a density of 800-1000 kgm3.

8. Used for landscaping. The foam concrete is made into a bulk density of 600-1000kg/m3, which can be used for garden rockery, garbage bins, tables and stools, etc. Concrete manufacturer

9. National defense (modern warfare is the use of information and advanced mobile equipment as an attacking tool). The foamed cement can be used in military projects such as airports and important traffic roads damaged by enemy bombings, and it is immediately repaired, using our equipment and technology. The project that can destroy the enemy can be quickly repaired. The result of the experiment is that the aircraft can be used for take-off and landing 10 minutes after the repair.

10. other. Luoyang concrete foam concrete can also be used for insulation filling of firewalls, sound insulation floor filling, tunnel liner backfilling, and isolation of power supply and water pipelines.

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