Concrete material is a kind of durable material, but it is essentially a non-uniform porous material. Under the erosion of carbon dioxide, water, chloride ion, sulfate and other media, it is inevitably corroded by external factors. Luoyang Concrete accelerates damage and life is greatly reduced. Concrete manufacturer

Salt crystal

When the concrete is in contact with water containing a large amount of soluble salt compounds, these salt compounds will penetrate into the concrete.

After evaporation of water, the salt is continuously concentrated in the concrete, and finally crystallizes, and the crystallization process is often accompanied by an increase in volume. Therefore, cracking damage of the concrete material is caused. Typically it is sulfate corrosion. In the use of concrete materials, the most extensive and common form of chemical corrosion is the corrosion of sulfate. Sulfate reacts with calcium vanadium in cement to form sulphoaluminate, accompanied by an increase in volume, which leads to cracking of the concrete material. This cracking further accelerates the corrosion of the concrete matrix by the sulfate.

Percolating salt cream

When moisture can seep out from the concrete surface, salt frost always appears on the concrete surface. These salts are dialysis from concrete, crystallized by evaporation of water, or crystals that interact with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It indicates that obvious percolation occurs inside the concrete, and severe percolation leads to an increase in porosity, which reduces the strength of the concrete layer and increases the effect of the aggressive compound. Concrete manufacturer

Acid-base corrosion

Luoyang concrete material is an alkaline material and generally does not suffer from corrosion of alkaline substances. However, in chemical companies, prolonged exposure to high concentrations of alkaline materials can also destroy concrete materials. Concrete materials are less resistant to acid. For example, carbonic acid reacts with calcium hydroxide to form soluble calcium bicarbonate. Therefore, carbonic acid has a greater corrosive effect on concrete, that is, the cause of corrosion of concrete by carbon dioxide in the air.

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