1. Stabilized soil mixing station mixer dust collector: check the linkage between the butterfly valve and the mixing machine of the dust collector; the working state of the active dust removal fan, the dust collector backflushing device, and the shock absorber; check whether the vacuum suction pipe is broken or sucked. Dust accumulation and cleaning in the dust pipe; dust accumulation and cleaning of the dust collector.

2. Lubrication: The shaft end seal and the shaft end bearing are filled with grease according to the timing. The synchronous gear, the power chain, the power main reduction gear box and the power motor bearing are inspected every shift, and the lubricating oil is added or replaced according to the timing.

3. Finished hopper: The cleaning of the adhesive in the hopper, the oil supply of the gas supply line, and the discharge of water from the oil-water separator.

4. The protective door of each distribution box of the stabilized soil mixing station is well sealed, and the dust is removed; the cleaning tools are cleaned and locked; the environmental protection of the tool room and electrical room is well done.

5. Mixing station machinery and others: check the sealing condition of the shaft end seal of the mixer every shift; check the status of synchronous gear, power chain, power main reducer and power motor bearing on schedule; check the discharge door on schedule (including finished hopper) ) and cylinder; blade and lining fastening and wear; feed port, chute wear and adhesive cleaning; camera, lighting equipment cleaning; gas supply line, oil cup oil, oil water separator water discharge

The transmission gear of the Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant Mixer should be coated with a butter crisis every day before starting. Should the terminal magician of all the electrical appliances such as the weapons and relays in the electrical cabinet be loose, slack, and whether the wiring can be carved or not. All kinds of materials should be suitable for the application of “stabilizing the practical materials of the plant mixing equipment”.

The working condition of the agitator is elegant. When the leaf pulp is worn to an area not more than 2/3 of the original, the leaf pulp should be replaced. If the axis of the roller set is not perpendicular to the peripheral line of the belt. In order to shrink the loading cycle of the loader. The sprocket cover of each component shall not be taken and removed for collision, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents. The loader should take care of it to prevent the occurrence of a mixed warehouse. In the course of the running of the belt conveyor, we must strive to achieve the operation of the belt to make the belt wear evenly. When the equipment is running for a period of time, it should be cleaned up in time. It is necessary to clear all the materials on the mixer, the aggregate belt conveyor and the loading belt conveyor before turning it on again. Because the various materials have not been delivered, it will give you the unbearable poverty. The fence inside the batcher is used to remove excess material. Precautions for waiting for the car can be expected to occur in the scene of the fire fighting equipment.

Maintenance of the Stabilized Soil Mixing Station Press the “Emergency Rest” button under the mercerized light that has to be fully stopped. In the case of a birth sample, an unexpected summary will be used to indicate the outdoor staff. Turn off the pump electromechanical to stop the water supply. The content of the stabilized soil foreign material mixed with the equipment is equal to the water content. This equipment can be placed in a sensitive manner according to the theoretical environment of the construction site. The differences in aggregate specifications will not only affect the consistency of the mix of grading materials, but also the various measures to prevent the infiltration of rainwater, so as to prevent the cement slab from softening and forming a life. The loader can be used with several belt conveyors and cement tankers for transporting bulk powder. For the mixing and storage bins and the powder to provide trivial concrete abutments, the secondary grouting holes of the anchor bolts should be reserved. The door opening is used to coarsely adjust the vocal flow of the aggregate. When the equipment is put into normal operation, it should be equipped with three concealed working chicken feet. According to the distance of the transportation vehicle, the distance between the isolation distance and the paving material of the finished material will inevitably produce the yield.

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