Bubble concrete, the foaming agent is fully foamed by the foaming system of the bubble machine, and the foam and the cement slurry are uniformly mixed, the foam concrete construction is pointed out, and then the on-site pouring construction is carried out through the pumping system of the foaming machine or Mold forming, a new type of lightweight insulation material containing a large number of closed pores formed by natural curing. It is a bubble-like insulation material, which is characterized by the formation of closed foam holes in the concrete to make the concrete lighter and insulated.

Lightweight foamed foam concrete application:

1. Road expansion

Widening the subgrade can be filled vertically, saving land resources, avoiding or reducing demolition of buildings; widening the embankment on soft foundation sections can greatly reduce the load, saving the soft foundation treatment of the roadbed or reducing the soft foundation treatment intensity, and effectively Reduce the differential settlement of new and old roadbeds and the additional settlement damage of nearby buildings; through the pipeline pump to reach the cast-in-place construction, the construction takes up little space, almost does not affect the existing traffic, and maintains the current road facilities (anti-collision barriers, drainage ditch, etc.) Not damaged. The widening and expansion of the steep sections of the mountainous area can avoid the problem of stable disposal caused by high filling and excavation, and can maintain the natural mountain shape and protect the natural environment. Suzhou concrete

2. Abutment backfilling

When the light-weight soil is used for the replacement of the abutment back of the soft foundation section, the light weight and the self-standing property after solidification can be optimized for the conventional method: the segmented seat plate type or the thin-walled abutment pile-type bridge The main unit reduces the soft foundation treatment intensity. After optimization, it has reduced settlement and uneven settlement, completely eliminates the post-construction settlement of the embankment filling itself, avoids the bridge head jumping disease and greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the back and back of the bridge. Light soil company pointed out!

3. Structural load reduction in underground engineering

It can alleviate the partial pressure of tunnel entrance and exit excavation, avoid mountain collapse; avoid damage to natural mountain form, and has obvious environmental protection advantages; it can be used as tunnel entrance and exit structure landscape; construction is portable, efficient and safe.

When the highway route passes through the steep section of the mountainous area, the traditional conventional method of design and construction, and the use of bubble light soil filling, the comparison of three different methods shows that the bubble lightweight geotechnical method has the following advantages: reducing the load and reducing the slip of the roadbed itself. Torque, improve the anti-sliding stability of the exhalation; avoid the difficulty and high cost of the anti-sliding design and construction of the subgrade. Avoid the stability problems caused by high filling and the disadvantages of occupying a large amount of land resources. Avoid the cost of high slope support caused by high excavation and damage to the environment.

4. Filling of goaf in karst area

Newly built highway routes often cross karst or goaf areas. Embankments, especially high embankments, are built in these sections, and measures must be taken to avoid collapse of karst areas or goafs, including grouting and forcing. However, due to the irregular distribution of underground cavities in karst areas and goafs, and the complexity of geology, the treatment of conventional methods is either costly or incomplete, even if bridges are used to span these sections, and because of the underground karst areas, the voids in the goafs The complexity of the pile foundation construction still has great risks. The use of bubble light soil embankment, because the load can be reduced to only about 1/3 of the conventional embankment, the requirements for the bearing capacity of the karst area and the goaf can be greatly reduced, and the corresponding treatment measures can be greatly simplified or not treated. And the quality of the technical quality is more secure, compared with the conventional embankment filling, the advantage is very obvious. Concrete manufacturer

5. Soft foundation embankment and frozen soil roadbed filling

For the embankment of the soft foundation section, the light weight of the light-weight soil of the bubble can be utilized, and the soft foundation can be appropriately replaced with the (light foam soil), and the light-weight soil of the same is used for the filling of the same road foundation, so that the source is compensated. The principle and the advantage of unloading can make the permanent load of the embankment less than the weight of the replacement foundation soil, thus avoiding the occurrence of settlement, eliminating the conventional soft foundation treatment, greatly shortening the construction period and saving the project cost.

6. Filling of railway (track) roadbed

It can reduce the load of filling and reduce the additional stress of the foundation; it can fill the soil vertically, save land and reduce demolition; through the construction of piping, the construction work face of the city is small, does not affect traffic; the construction period is short.

7, tunnel grouting technology (air package)

Air encapsulation is a kind of air bubble with good fluidity. Some special additives are added. In the mixture, the surface of each bubble film instantly forms a gelatinous substance with elasticity and solidification. The viscosity of the mixture is improved. The groups of non-communicating bubbles are evenly distributed in the mixture. At this time, the mixture is in the middle of solid and static. Although the fluidity is lost, the pressure of the pump is used to make the liquid properties.

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