The process control of chemical foamed concrete mainly has the following aspects:

1 foaming speed control

The foam concrete wall is cast and pumped, and the pouring pipe is generally long. In the high-rise building, if the equipment is placed downstairs, the length of the pouring pipe should be several hundred meters. Even if the equipment is moved up to the floor, the nearest tube length is tens of meters. If the foaming agent is mixed in the mixer, when Portland cement is used, foaming starts in a few seconds or tens of seconds, and when sulphoaluminate cement is used, it will foam in a few minutes. After foaming, not only the slurry loses fluidity, but the pumping is difficult, and the foam is easily broken under the pressure of the pump and the friction of the pipeline, and the foaming fails. Therefore, solving the foaming speed, that is, reducing the reaction speed of the foaming agent and the cement slurry, is the first element of the success or failure of the pouring. Process control must first control this, and different mixing ratios, different blowing agents, will have different control methods, and process control is required for specific situations. Suzhou concrete

2 pouring stability control

The pouring stability of physical foaming is relatively easy to control, and chemical foaming is very fast due to foaming. Bubbles are easily affected by various factors, so the difficulty of stabilizing bubbles is greater than that of physical foaming. If the control is not good, it will collapse after the pouring of the foam, causing the density to increase and the foaming failure.

The control of pour stability should be controlled from the following aspects:

1 formula is reasonable, this is the most fundamental. In the formulation, all ingredients that are not conducive to foam stability should be used less or not. Between the materials, it can only help the bubble to be stable, but not negative.

2 use a foam stabilizer. There are some foam stabilizers available everywhere. The X10 composite foam stabilizer developed by the author is very effective in preventing collapse, and the addition amount is only 0.3-0.7%, which is a high-efficiency foam stabilizer. Concrete manufacturer

3 Pay attention to the sensitivity and selectivity of the foaming agent to cement and various raw materials. The blowing agent is very sensitive to various materials, and the addition or removal of each material will have a significant impact on the pouring stability of the foaming system. Therefore, the sensitivity test should be applied to each material to eliminate the sensitivity.

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