In the secondary pouring construction of the building, a small concrete pump is often used. It can transport the mortar to a designated position easily by means of large displacement and high pressure. This high-efficiency pouring construction needs to be correct. The way to use a small concrete fine stone pump, let's take a look at the places that need our attention when using.

When using it, it should be noted that the screen should be installed on the hopper to isolate the larger stones, which can avoid the blockage of the conveying pipe. When there is a large material, it should be cleaned out in time.

Before use, pay attention to check the hydraulic table of the pump and the working status of each part. Generally, the blockage is likely to occur at the discharge port. At this time, we can reverse the pump, return the blockage, and stir evenly before continuing pumping. If the problem of blockage is not solved, the pump should be shut down and the blockage should be cleaned. During the pumping process, the concrete should be continuously conveyed to prevent the slurry in the pipeline from agglomerating or sedimenting. If the feeding is stopped for more than half an hour, it should be cleaned before pumping.

When pumping concrete, a certain amount of concrete should be kept in the hopper to prevent air from entering the hopper, causing blockage after the concrete flows back. If this happens, reverse the conveyor and return the concrete to the hopper before continuing. The water in the washing tank should be replaced once every two hours, and the stroke of the pump cylinder should be checked. If there is any change, it should be adjusted in time. Concrete manufacturer

The above is the place that we need to pay attention to when using concrete pump. Of course, there are other problems that need our attention. We can accumulate experience when using it, and use small concrete pump in the correct way to improve the pouring construction. effectiveness.


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