How to improve the pumpability of concrete

As concrete fine stone pump manufacturers want to improve the pumpability of concrete, it is generally necessary to increase the amount of cement used, and to use a larger water-cement ratio and sand ratio. A more economical and effective method is to use an admixture to improve the pumpability of concrete. Sex. Concrete company

There are many kinds of additives, and the admixtures which can improve the pumpability of concrete include an air entraining agent, a water reducing agent, a retarder and a pumping agent. If the fluidity of the fresh concrete is kept constant, the use of water reducing agent can greatly reduce the mixing water consumption, thereby improving the stability of the concrete and improving the strength and compactness.

Due to the long-term working environment and the failure to clean the contaminated surface in time, the concrete fine stone pump will become a very difficult to clean oil after mixing with oil and dust. It will gradually produce natural and accidental fouling, and it needs to be cleaned frequently. Work, then what is the impact of keeping the pump clean and tidy on the performance of the vehicle?

From the perspective of the structure of the pump truck, the power parts of the pump will generate high temperature and high pressure, and the thermal conductivity of the equipment itself is required to dissipate heat, or the auxiliary radiator can dissipate heat. Then the removal of these concrete agglomerates will inevitably affect the thermal conductivity of these components.

The use of concrete pumps can smoothly go from raw material to mixing until pumping to the pouring site. Operators need to be proficient in every step of the operation, and the safety precautions for each step must be kept in mind. In order to avoid potential safety hazards.

For the safety of our construction, the concrete fine stone pump manufacturer reminded us that when using the concrete pump for the drag pump operation, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the hopper and the water tank. During the pumping process, the concrete material should be above the agitating axis, and no suction or material pumping is allowed. If the pumping is suspended for a long time, it must be pumped every 15 minutes to prevent condensation of concrete in the pipe. Kunshan concrete

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