Cost composition of concrete admixture manufacturers

The ready-mixed concrete industry has developed to a short span of 20 years. However, in recent years, there has been a phenomenon of oversupply, price collapse, and difficulty in returning. Commercial concrete mixing plants are facing fierce market competition in order to compete in the market. In order to improve the competitiveness of the mixing station, it is necessary to strengthen the production cost control during the production and transportation of the concrete mixing station. The production cost control of the concrete mixing station runs through the entire production and transportation process. We first briefly introduce the cost control of concrete admixture manufacturers, and then summarize the main components of concrete cost of concrete mixing plant. Finally, the main measures for concrete cost control of concrete mixing plant are analyzed.

The construction, production and transportation cost of the concrete mixing plant is the foundation and core of the mixing plant. It is an important part of the overall cost management of the concrete mixing plant. Therefore, it is necessary to attach great importance to the organization and control measures. We must put the production system of the concrete mixing plant. Management control is the entry point, and the main components of concrete cost of concrete mixing plant and the main measures of concrete cost control are discussed. Concrete manufacturer

I. Cost control brief

Cost control is the cost management of cost as the main means of control. Cost control is a control measure that the relevant entity uses certain powers to adjust or prevent the cost conditions and factors before and during the cost generation, so as to achieve the expected cost management objectives of the enterprise. The main structure of cost control is composed of executive body, organization body and decision-making body. The principles of cost control are mainly economic benefit principle, exception management principle and comprehensive intervention principle. Cost control begins with certain principles, from cost-to-production ratio, innovation, key points, controllable costs, and incentive and restraint mechanisms. Cost control is conducive to improving the market competitiveness of enterprises, improving the overall quality of enterprises, transforming the management mechanism of enterprises, and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.

Second, the main components of concrete cost of concrete mixing plant

Concrete cost of concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of capital cost, management cost, equipment maintenance, combustion power consumption, depreciation of fixed assets, human resource cost and raw material cost. The cost of capital reflects the level of investment, and is closely related to the purchase of equipment at the concrete mixing plant, the structure of the share capital, and the local market conditions; the administrative expenses are the expenses of office expenses, non-production oil, electricity and water, and the hospitality expenses of non-production personnel. Other expenses and other components; equipment maintenance reflects the operation quality of the concrete mixing plant equipment, the regular cost of the equipment will be incurred; the burning power consumption is the electricity consumption per cubic meter of concrete, coal consumption and fuel consumption; the depreciation of fixed assets reflects Whether the invested fixed assets are scientific and reasonable; the human resources cost includes the performance part and the fixed part, which is reflected in the remuneration of the concrete production personnel; the raw material cost occupies an important proportion in the concrete cost, and is the management level and technical level of the concrete mixing station. An important manifestation of the level of procurement. Concrete manufacturer

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