Inadequate performance of concrete admixtures and cement

When cement uses anhydrite as a setting agent, since the gypsum has a strong adsorption effect on the calcium-calcium water reducing agent, the lignin-based water reducing agent and the polyol water-reducing agent, the solubility of the gypsum is lowered. There is no way to provide enough sulfate ions to react with C3A to form ettringite, which will also cause C3A to violently hydrate. When the C3A content in the cement is high (greater than 8%), concrete may be produced. The phenomenon of "false condensation". Concrete price

A certain mixing plant uses the brand cement of the project site to provide C40 concrete to the construction site, because the test of the adaptability of each batch of cement to the Xinjiang concrete admixture before the opening of the batch is not achieved, resulting in the fall of the factory concrete mixture. The visual inspection was 200mm. When the construction was carried out in the pump truck of the concrete site, it was found that the concrete of the car could not be unloaded. I hereby inform the factory to send a bucket of water reducing agent to it, after stirring, The visual slump is 170mm, which basically meets the pumping requirements. However, when it is about 1m, it can not be unloaded. Immediately return the concrete of the car to the factory, and then add a lot of water and a small amount. The water reducing agent can barely be removed. In addition, excessive retardation of cement is another manifestation of the abnormal condensation of cement due to water reducing agents. Suzhou concrete

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