Concrete mixing plant washing operation

When the production is completed, the mixing host should be cleaned. The precondition for the washing machine is that the console is powered on, the air compressor and the main unit are turned on, and the system works in manual mode. Press the washing machine button on the console, the washing machine button is self-locking. At this time, the system automatically stops the transmission belt, and opens the water inlet solenoid valve and the discharge solenoid valve of the water weighing bucket to start the water inlet motor and the drain motor, the mixer. The water is started to enter, and after a period of time, the mixer discharge door automatically opens and releases the water. When the washing machine is finished, the washing machine button is released. At this time, the water weighing valve inlet valve and the water inlet electric power are automatically turned off. After a few seconds, the water weighing bucket discharging door and the drain motor are automatically closed. After the mixer discharging door is opened, the mixer is opened. It will always be in the open state. At this time, the mixer discharge door can be manually switched as needed to fully clean the mixer door. Concrete manufacturer

When the upper machine fails to start the production operation, the upper machine can not be started. You can continue the control with the buttons on the PLC and the panel, but the production data and the delivery order need to be manually recorded and filled out.

At this time, two automatic production modes of continuous automatic and single-disc automatic can be performed. If the PLC is powered back on, the number of disks produced in succession is four. If there is no power-on, the number of consecutively produced disks is the number of disks transmitted before the host computer fails.

The formula data should be manually set in the batching meter. The target amount of the material in the meter is the required amount of one tray, not the required amount in one of the materials.

About the function of disabling and deactivating. When a certain material in the recipe is set to zero in the host computer, the program automatically disables this material and passes it to the PLC. The PLC skips during the production process. This material executes the program down.

In the event of a failure of the host computer, if a certain material is not used, the first target quantity of the material should be set to zero in the meter, and the second is to disable the material. The setting method is as follows: the first step is to press the "emergency stop" button; the second step is to disable or disable the disable. When disabling a material, press the conveyor stop button and the ingredient button for this material at the same time for more than 1 second. When disabling, press the conveyor start button and the ingredient button for this material at the same time for more than 1 second. Concrete price

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