Reinforced concrete (English: Reinforced Concrete or Ferroconcrete), often referred to as reinforced concrete (tong). It refers to a combination of materials that work together to improve the mechanical properties of concrete by adding steel mesh, steel or fiber to concrete. The most common form of stiffening concrete. Kunshan Jianguo Concrete

The invention of reinforced concrete appeared in modern times. It is generally believed that the French gardener Joseph Monier (en: Joseph Monier) invented reinforced concrete in 1849 and acquired reinforced concrete pots in 1867 and applied it to the road immediately afterwards. The patent for the reinforced concrete beam column of the guardrail. In 1872, the world's first reinforced concrete structure was completed in New York, USA. Since the beginning of a new era in the history of human architecture, reinforced concrete structures have been used extensively in the engineering community since 1900. In 1928, a new type of reinforced concrete structure prestressed reinforced concrete appeared and was widely used in engineering practice after the Second World War. The invention of reinforced concrete and the application of steel in the construction industry in the mid-19th century made it possible to construct tall buildings and long-span bridges. Kunshan concrete

At present, reinforced concrete is the most widely used structural form in China, accounting for the vast majority of the total, and China is also the region with the most reinforced concrete structures in the world. Its main raw material cement production reached 1.882 billion tons in 2010, accounting for about 70% of the world's total output.

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